Emojis (/iː-moʊ-giːs/) or just (emo-gees) are the little happy faces you see on iPhones. You have to have hardware 2.2+ to even them! They're really popular in japan. The icons are actually part of a standard. There was a Unicode convention held a number of times in the past years where they decide on these things.^_^ This site will allow you to convert them into a viewable format and Create messages out of so that you can them elsewhere or OST a link to your creation on fb. !!!!Link To Your Creation On The Web

Emojicons or Emojis were first supported by "Apple Inc. on the iPhone hardware version 2.2 and above.
They are enabled by default on the Japanese handsets but USA users must unlock this feature.

Emojis are sometimes refered to as, emoji. How to unlock emoji on your iPhone or iTouch


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iPhone Emoji: Bomb

Name: Bomb(this page)

Category: Events

Description: A black old fashioned gunpowder backed cannonball type lit bomb. This is the bomb baby!

Category Description: Games, Parties, Clothes, Musical Instruments, Food
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Use The iEmoji Categories Page if you're looking for an updated list of emoji names and descriptions. Japanese Kanji iPhone Emoji names and descriptions included as well!

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